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Fic title: I’m Showing You How Epic We Would Be
Author name: deansgirl369
Artist name: Acuarella_117
Genre: rps
Pairing: j2
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 28,000+
Warnings: a little angst
Summary: Jensen and Jared are in love with each other, but neither has let the other in on the secret yet. Then Jensen finds a hidden list that might help him show Jared just how perfect they could be together.
Link to fic:
read here –deansgirl369

Link to art:
this way to beautiful art—acuarella_117___


Jared watched Jensen. Something was off. He played Dean strong and effortlessly as always. But Jensen was quieter than usual, more intense. Jared watched him on set; he snuck glances at him in the car on the way to work, when Jensen was still only half himself and half the semi-human he was during the first cup of coffee every day, when they ate in almost silence due to exhaustion. He didn’t seem upset or depressed, but like something was on his mind, like he was concentrating on something he wasn’t sharing with Jared.

Jared was sure he had felt Jensen’s eyes on him more than the norm recently. He wasn’t sure why or what it meant, but he could feel it nonetheless. But when he turned his attention to Jensen, he never actually caught him looking.

The past few weeks of shooting had been so intense, he had had little time to enjoy the fact that he had Jensen under his roof. He liked the idea, liked knowing Jensen was right there in his home, but hadn’t seen much of Jensen when they were there because most of their time was spent practically comatose in their respective beds.

But some mornings. Some mornings he would allow himself to quietly sneak down to Jensen’s room under the pretense of waking him up and bask in the tranquil moments of watching him sleep. He was always careful not to wake him before he had the time to look at his sleeping face. In sleep Jensen was just as beautiful, but also peaceful and relaxed in a way he rarely was when awake. Jared fought the urge to trace a finger over thick dark eyelashes, caramel freckles or sleep puffy lips.

He did, though, just a few times so far, let himself lean down and breathe in the scent of this beautiful man. Jensen smelled like hair gel or light cologne or fabric softener, or some combination of things, but under it all was always Jensen. That smell that burrowed deep into his heart and caused a warmth in his belly. He thought he could happily drown in that smell. And just a couple of times he had run his fingers through Jensen’s sleep ruffled hair. On the mornings when he could tell Jensen had already showered out Dean’s hair gel the night before and not replaced it with any products, he let his fingers play for a few seconds in the soft mess.

He yearned to bury his nose in the sleep warm crook of Jensen’s neck, or the edge of his hairline right below his ear or at his temple. But he refrained. He just leaned in a little closer, drew in that beautiful scent and then laid a hand on Jensen’s blanket covered shoulder and called his name softly. Woke him with a gentle hand in an innocuous, innocent place instead of with kisses and caresses as he longed to do.

Mostly, though, they had barely seen each other despite living together. The one full weekend they had lived together they had been committed to a convention and thus weren’t even home for the two days of ‘down time’. Jared was looking forward to the coming weekend and spending time just being with Jensen.


Jensen stared down at the list. He had gotten up this morning early, despite it being Saturday, when he heard Jared leave to run with the dogs and quickly retrieved the list and ran to the copy place a few miles away. He knew he was a total dick for making a copy, for having invaded Jared’s privacy the way he had even reading it, let alone copying it, but it had been all he could think about now for a week.

He heard the back door open, listened to the dogs scurry around the kitchen while Jared got their treats and filled their food and water bowls, and he waited to hear what Jared did next. He heard Jared get himself a glass of water and the house was quiet for a few moments, then he heard Jared’s footsteps on the stairs and he scrambled to hide the list, throwing it under his pillow and laying back.

Jared tapped on Jensen’s door softly before opening it just enough to stick his head in. He saw Jensen dressed and looking like he was going somewhere and was surprised. “Hey,” he smiled, stepping into the room. “You goin’ somewhere?”

Jensen sat up, trying not to stare at the picture presented in front of him. Jared was sweaty from his run, despite the cold. He had removed his shirt, probably wiped his face and hair with it and it was now thrown over his shoulder, leaving his tanned, ripped torso bare to Jensen’s avid gaze. Jensen forced his eyes up to meet Jared’s. “No. Naw, just got dressed. Figured I would try to look human, even if we are off today. Did you wanna go somewhere?”

Shaking his head, Jared ran his fingers through sweat damp hair, brushing the long strands behind his ears. “No, just thought it was weird for you to be up and looking human, especially this early. Face it man, you are a slug on the weekends. I didn’t figure you would be out of bed, let alone dressed.”

Jensen snorted. “Whatever, Padalecki. Just cause you are a freak, always out running and shit at the asscrack of dawn, doesn’t mean I’m lazy.” He grinned at his friend and stood from the bed. “Wanna go get some breakfast? You’re always hungry, and just knowing you have been out running makes me hungry.”

Jared laughed, tossing his sweaty shirt at Jensen before turning and heading for the door. “Sounds good. Let me grab a shower and I’ll be ready. Twenty minutes.” He glanced back over his shoulder as he sprinted out the door and headed for his own room.

Jensen looked down at the damp shirt in his hands and he so did not sniff it. He didn’t.


After breakfast, Saturday was spent with both of them cleaning up around the house and Jensen unpacking some of the boxes he had been avoiding until now. Jared offered to help, but Jensen nixed the idea, telling him he knew where he wanted things and would get it done just as fast alone. Jared cleaned the kitchen, loading and unloading the dishwasher before playing out back with the dogs and then yelling down the stairs to ask Jensen if he wanted to order pizza and watch a movie whenever he was finished.

Jensen called back that he was close to finished, at least with what he had, and would be up in just a few, and the plan sounded good to him.

Glancing around his new room, Jensen nodded his head in acceptance. He had accomplished a lot today, all the boxes were unloaded and he felt more like he was living there instead of squatting. He smiled to himself as he headed up the stairs to join Jared for a relaxing evening at home.


“I’ll take the dogs out, Jay.” Jensen said Sunday evening when he came up the stairs dressed in track pants and a sweatshirt. “I’m gonna run outside tonight instead of the treadmill, so I’ll just take them with me.”

Jared smiled at Jensen from the couch, watching as the dogs ran toward Jensen as he jogged through the house. They knew when Jensen headed for the back door dressed in his running attire that they were probably getting a walk.

Jared loved that Jensen cared so much about his dogs. It always made him feel good. And it feels to him like they are a little family. Not that Jared will be saying that out loud any time soon, of course. But the knowledge creates a warm bubble in his stomach. He sits there half watching tv for a while before deciding that he wanted to do something nice for Jensen, at least a little something.


Jensen opened the back door, herding the dogs in front of him and huffing out a laugh as they half tangled around him in their excitement to get to their bowls. They knew treats were forthcoming and they always acted as if it was their first meal in weeks. Jared was standing at the counter and Jensen glanced up at him as he unclipped the dog leashes.

Jared had a finger in his mouth and was smiling at Jensen and his dogs around the digit. The sight sent a jolt of heat through Jensen. Apparently Jared was baking something, and what was left in the bowl was getting taste tested. Something clicked in Jensen’s mind, something just a little wicked and he threw caution to the wind without taking a moment to rethink it.

“Can I have a taste?”

Jared nodded immediately. “Sure.” He held the bowl toward Jensen.

Jensen grimaced slightly. “My hands are dirty.” He indicated his clothes and nodded toward the dogs and the leashes still in his hands. “Just give me a taste.” He gestured toward Jared’s finger and then toward the bowl, eyes steadfastly innocent.

Jared looked slightly confused for just a second before swiping a glob of the mixture up with his already saliva damp finger and holding it out without really considering.

Leaning in quickly before Jared had a moment to realize the enormity of the situation, Jensen took the end of Jared’s finger into his mouth, sucking the flavor off the end.

He felt his heart speed up immediately as the salty delicious taste of Jared quickly overtook the flavor of the batter. He sucked just a second longer than was necessary, and then drew back, tongue flicking out to touch the offered finger once before he pulled back and smiled as normally as possible.

“Yum.” Jensen smiled as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened, and thanked Jared as another thought occurred to him and he pulled off his damp sweatshirt, wiping his chest.

Without really meeting Jared’s eyes, Jensen casually turned and left the kitchen, calling out that he would be back after a shower.


Jared stood staring at the doorway Jensen had just gone through for several long minutes before switching his gaze to the finger he still held out. He was breathing heavily enough that he could have been the one just back from a hard run. Jensen had just sucked his finger, then took off his shirt, showing off that lean, toned, gorgeous, freckled chest and shoulders, then his taut muscled back on the way out. Sure he had acted like it was nothing, but he was pretty certain it was the most erotic thing ever to happen to him in a three second time frame. He was hard in his sweatpants and he collapsed back to the edge of the counter as he tried to comprehend the last few minutes.


Jensen closed his eyes as he left the kitchen, willing his heart rate to return to normal, and his cock to return to its relaxed state. He was shocked at his own audacity, but confident he had played it innocent enough that if Jared thought nothing of it he would never even have to explain himself.

He smiled to himself as he headed for a shower and a few minutes of ‘alone time’ to remember and savor the taste that lingered on his tongue.

6. Someone sucking my fingers. check
15. A guy who has just worked out-- shirtless and sweaty. check
16. A toned, nice back check

chapter 2

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