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Fic title: I’m Showing You How Epic We Would Be
Author name: deansgirl369
Artist name: Acuarella_117
Genre: rps
Pairing: j2
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 28,000+
Warnings: a little angst
Summary: Jensen and Jared are in love with each other, but neither has let the other in on the secret yet. Then Jensen finds a hidden list that might help him show Jared just how perfect they could be together.
Link to fic:
read here –deansgirl369

Link to art:
this way to beautiful art—acuarella_117

It had been another long hard week of shooting and both boys were looking forward to the upcoming long weekend. Jensen had plans to head home for the weekend to see his parents and Jared had promised Chad he would come to LA months ago.

Jensen was wondering how to accomplish at least a thing or two off the list before he and Jared separated for the next few days. He wanted to have something fresh in Jared’s mind while they were apart if possible. Tonight would have to be it if he was going to, so he ran through the possibilities in his head while they finished up shooting. At least it wasn’t midnight for a change. He still needed to pack and put some things in order before he left, so he didn’t want to rush home and crash anyway.

Watching Jensen wrap the last scene, Jared felt a bit out of sorts. He was no longer looking forward to the days off, and he was pretty certain that had to do with being away from Jensen. He hadn’t seen Chad in almost six months, so he had been anticipating this trip up until recently. Until Jensen had moved in. Until suddenly Jensen was the epitome of not only Jensen’s perfect person as a best friend and potential partner, but as a sexual being.

Chad would want to party. Probably want to go out and pick up girls. Not that Jared couldn’t stand to get laid. It had been months since he and Sandy broke up and Jared hadn’t hooked up since then. So, it would do him good. He needed to focus on that, focus on what he could have instead of focusing with laser intensity on what he couldn’t.


“Hey, Jay? Have you seen my passport?” Jensen came out of his bedroom in a pair of torn up jeans and…nothing else. Entering the kitchen without really looking at Jared, which was for the best, since Jared found himself staring, again.

“Don’t you usually keep it in your top drawer?” Jared sucked in a deep breath and turned back to the fridge, leaning in and seeing nothing, but hoping the cold air would dim his suddenly heated face and…well, everything.

Smirking to himself that Jared knew where he normally kept his passport, and yeah, knowing where it was at this exact moment, truth be told, Jensen turned to see Jared staring into the refrigerator. He gathered his courage and stepped up close, leaning up and into Jared’s back. “See anything good?” He breathed quietly into Jared’s ear.

He could swear he felt Jared’s breathing hitch and his voice sounded strained. “N..no. Didn’t do any shopping this week, knowing we wouldn’t be here this weekend.”

Jared closed his eyes and focused on the heat from the body behind him, the feel of Jensen not only pressed against him but breathing out words directly into his ear. Just for a long second he let his body relax back into the one behind him, then he shrugged and ducked away, dropping the door closed. “We could order in. Red Sun is still open, since it’s not too late tonight.”

Jensen shrugged in return. “Sounds good to me. You gonna order or you want me to? Have you packed yet? I hadn’t, so I’m trying to get my shit together now, so I’m not running around in the morning.”

Jared rummaged through the kitchen drawer where they kept the take out menus. “Naw. I will throw some stuff in a bag in a little while. Not like I need to worry too much about what I’m wearing while I’m with Chad. Hell, even when we go out to party and pick up random strangers, I won’t have to try hard to look better than Chad.”

Forcing out a laugh, Jensen turned and leaned against the counter, sifting through the drawer in an effort to appear as if he was looking for his passport. “Yeah.” He looked up to see Jared staring unwaveringly at the menu. “That your big plan for the long weekend? Hang out with Chad and get laid?” He hoped his voice came out sounding a lot more nonchalant than he felt.

Jared looked up, trying his damnedest to focus on Jensen’s face, and not the toned, freckled chest, or the rips in the threadbare jeans that barely hung on his hips. Wait. Was he even wearing underwear? This was ridiculous. Jared was pretty sure that Jensen standing in his kitchen had him more sexually charged and anxious than Sandy wearing lingerie and doing a striptease had. He realized Jensen was looking at him expectantly. Had he asked him a question?

“Uh…what?” Awesome Padalecki. That isn’t a dead giveaway that you are thinking with your little Jared. Well, not so little, he assured himself.

“You guys just hanging out and getting laid this weekend?” Jensen prompted, not noticing the lapse in concentration so much as wanting an answer to his question.

“Sure, I guess. I mean, it’s Chad…what else would we be doing?” Forcing his eyes away, Jared pulled out his cell phone. “General Tso’s?”

Jensen shoved away from the counter. “Yeah.” He headed to his room. “I’m gonna finish packing.”

Jensen drew in a long deep breath. Jared wasn’t really the type for one night stands. Or so he thought. He hadn’t really known Jared long before Sandy was in the picture. And there hadn’t been much time for anything like that since Sandy. He was kind of freaking out thinking about Jared just fucking some random woman this weekend.

Then a thought occurred to him that freaked him out a whole lot more than Jared with some random woman. What if Jared hooked up with a guy? Jensen was afraid that would make him lose his mind. He wanted to go out there and shake Jared. Kiss him. Fuck him. Make him feel so good he wouldn’t want to fuck anyone else…like ever. But he knew that wasn’t going to happen tonight. So he just needed to put as many thoughts of himself in Jared’s mind as he could and hope that it stayed with him through the weekend so Jared was looking forward to seeing him again, not fucking some faceless nobody.

Stuffing the remainder of what he would need for the long weekend into his duffel, Jensen retrieved his passport from its usual place and put it in the side pocket where he always kept it when travelling.

Throwing on a shirt, Jensen hurried into the bathroom and removed his contacts. He figured he would use every trick he had, and hope for the best.


“Mmmm,” Jensen moaned like no General Tso’s chicken had ever warranted as he watched Jared’s reaction out of the corner of his eye. He was pretty sure Jared almost stabbed himself in the face with a chopstick when his gaze flicked up to Jensen at the sound. Score!

“Want a taste?” Jensen offered, holding the chopsticks close to Jared with a bite suspended in them.

Realizing Jared had stopped eating and was basically just staring at Jensen with his mouth partially open, Jensen raised an eyebrow questioningly. “Is something wrong, J? Is your Kung Pao no good?” Jensen looked at him with concern. He thought he was making headway and Jared was showing some semblance of lust or desire, but what if that wasn’t it at all and something was wrong?

Jared, despite being seven foot tall and built like a Greek God, brought out the protective instincts in Jensen. Jensen couldn’t stand it when Jared was upset or sick, all he wanted was to wrap Jared up and shield him from the world. When Jared and Sandy had broken up, Jensen had felt the pain like his own. Despite the fact that some dark part of himself was glad Jared was free, a much larger, closer to the surface part of him hated so much that Jared was hurting and would have given a lot to take away that pain. “You are always hungry, dude. If you tell me you aren’t, I’m taking your temperature. Hope we can find the oral thermometer, know what I’m saying?”

Jensen tried for a lighthearted tone, but he was slightly concerned. Jared looked a bit nauseated and not quite his usual self.

Jared seemed to shrug something off, clearing his mind and his expression. “Sorry, man. Just drifted off for a minute, Jense. I’m fine.” His smile was bright, if a bit forced and wobbly. “No need for you to upset your tender sensibilities by sticking a thermometer up my ass.”

Chuffing out a laugh, Jensen turned his attention back to his food a few moments after Jared did. He took a few more bites and then put the box onto the coffee table and let out a long huff, sprawling back onto the couch. “That was good, and I’m stuffed. Gonna be on the treadmill an extra hour every day next week, especially knowing how my momma will want to feed me. I swear I could go home at a whopping two hundred and fifty pounds and she would say I look skinny.”

Sliding a hand up the bottom of his shirt, Jensen patted his toned stomach and his eyes slid closed, hand forgotten on his lower abdomen.


Jared watched Jensen’s hand rest, slightly scratching his abs and happy trail, his breath caught in his throat. He wanted nothing more than to slide close, replace Jensen’s hand with his own and then replace his hand with his mouth. Fuck but there was nothing about Jensen that he didn’t want to lick or bite or suck. He forced his own eyes closed and laid his head back on the couch, less than a foot from his best friend’s.

Jared was pretty sure he was losing his mind. Not that he hadn’t known for a long time that he wanted Jensen; wanted him to the point of pain sometimes, but this was a new low…high? Even for him. It was like Jensen’s normal sexuality taken to a scary new height, like every one of Jared’s fantasies embodied in the man he wanted like burning anyway. He wasn’t sure how long he could continue to pretend. He was pretty sure this near constant state of arousal was going to kill him soon.

He wasn’t looking forward to getting away for the next few days. He knew he was going to miss Jensen, now more than ever, and he wanted to just spend those days here, hopefully making progress toward having more with Jensen. He should want to get out of here. He was walking around with a hard on constantly, and feeling like he didn’t know which way was up most of the time. And he did miss Chad, no matter how douchey his old friend could be, they had once been best friends, back before Jensen, and he loved him like a brother. It was just bad timing. Not that it really mattered, Jensen wouldn’t be here even if Jared would. So, they would go do their respective ‘things’ this weekend, and maybe Jared could get a little perspective and get his mind straightened out. Ha, ‘straight’…right.


Jensen stretched and yawned, groaning at the feel of tense muscles sore from the long hours and stunts they had performed the past week. “Well, J…I guess I am gonna head to bed. I have an early flight. What time you fly out?” He glanced over at Jared, who turned to answer.

“Not til almost noon.” He countered. “Want me to take you to the airport?”

“Naw. I will just call a cab. Sleep in for a change.” He stood up and looked down at Jared. “Have a great weekend. Don’t catch any diseases or anything. You know Chad will try to get you to sleep with everything that moves. No glove no love, buddy.” Jensen aimed for nonchalant but wasn’t sure he pulled it off.

Jared snorted. “Yeah. I’ll be fine, dude. I learned to deal with Chad a long time ago. And I did have sex ed back in like seventh grade, man. I know the drill.” He smiled sleepily and Jensen clenched his teeth as his hopes of reassurance that Jared was going to remain celibate this weekend were dashed.

1. Seeing a hot guy in a pair of holey old jeans and nothing else check
12. Someone coming up behind me and talking into my ear while pressing into me check
11. Feeding…someone feeding me their food check—(tried anyway)

chapter 4

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