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uhhh, i never know what to say with these things. i got into fanfiction over five years ago, and i am so addicted its not even funny...but im just a sam/dean or j2 reader, nothing else interests me, but i LOVE me some of that

i have written a few fanfics, but nothing posted here, because i feel totally overwhelmed and somehow confused by livejournal...i cant figure out how to find stuff or where i would post my stories, etc...i feel like an finally posting my stories here and learning to do html coding, i feel like an adult...woohooo!!!!

but, i have found many writers here that just blow my mind, so i dunno if id wanna post my stuff here after reading some of these...totally a suffer in comparison kinda thing.

im a deangirl, obviously, but i do love his sammy as well, especially cuz i think he makes my dean happy!

more and more i read j2 and less sam/dean. but, my heart does belong to supernatural still!

lol...oooh, and i am ALWAYS looking for fanfic with jealous!dean or jealous!jensen, cuz that just makes me squirm!!!

love to ya!
~shell =}

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aerosmith, fanfiction--writing and reading, friends, hanging, j2, jared padalecki, jensen ackles, jensen and jared., kings of leon, lady gaga, lost, making new ones, mcr, men...mostly pretty ones, michael buble, movies--pretty much every genre, music--also almost every genre, queen, rob thomas/matchbox 20, shopping, supernatural--sam and dean, the killers, too many to name, travel, tropical travel, when money allows
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