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i lived thru the camping...barely...if anyone cares. lol. hated it, cuz it was hot, which is one of my least favorite things in the world, followed by another, which is: i had no ice...lets just say if im gonna camp again i will go when its cold or at least really cool, and i will have ice, lots of ice...and i will make sure i can text, which was another problem...phone kept dying...ok, so maybe i shouldnt camp...ever.

i feel so much better about supernatural the last few weeks...at least sam and dean arent trying to emotionally kill each other, which hurts...but, im still sad about the loss of deans ring...which i know i should just shut up about and move on, but i dont seem to be able to do that.

ok...so obviously i have nothing thrilling to say...so...im really really gonna try to post a story...soon. its a plan.




Apr. 5th, 2010 03:53 am
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uhhh, me camping? really? seriously? as in no joking? blech.

soo, im going camping even tho i dont really wanna...and im sure i will live. but no laptop? no fanfic? two and a half days? no a/c? bugs? sleeping on the ground? omg...what if my cell doesnt work out there? i will have a nervous breakdown. seriously...im addicted to my phone. ugh.

trying to read up on as much fanfic tonight as i can, plus dont plan to go to sleep before we go cuz i know i will have a hard time sleeping when im hot, so i figure if im up for like 36 hrs straight i will be able to sleep no matter what the conditions, yeah? i dont have a great plan for the second night, but i will tackle that then, i guess....plus there is no guarantee i really will sleep if its hot, cuz i DONT sleep unless its really cool.

im so sad that on SN they took away deans ring. how lame is it that that bothers me so much? really? stupid, but it makes me actually sad. it was a part of who dean was...like taking away the leather jacket or the impala...plus they had him throw away the amulet sammy gave him...and fuck if that wasnt painful as fuck...bend over and take it fuck. but i dont think the amulet will stay gone forever, it means too much to the show...but the ring meant a lot too...it was 'dean'...i dont get it...esp since jensen still wears it...huh?

anyway....back to fanfic, gorging myself, not that that is unusual...just telling myself it is really.

oh...modern comforts and technology how i will miss thee for these long 2 1/2 days!!! if you dont hear from me soon after, send sam and dean to look for me, k? hell, if you see them, send them immediately anyway!


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