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title: Finally
rating: NC-17
author: deansgirl369
pairings: Sam/Dean
characters: Sam, Dean
spoilers: none
word count: ~9000 total
summary: Since Dean went to hell, Sam has lost all hope. If he gets his brother back will they finally admit their deepest, darkest secrets?
disclaimer: These characters belong to Kripke. The story belongs to me (and Sam and Dean)!

a/n: this was the first fanfic i ever wrote...so please...be gentle...i am leaving it as i wrote and not editing.

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Pairing: J2
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: None really, a little angst, lots of boy smexing
Disclaimer: If I owned them, or either of them (I SOOO wish!!!), I would totally be doing better shit than writing fanfic

Jared and Jensen have both fought their inner battles against what they want for so long. Maybe it's time for them to face it all. But can they weather the storm and make it work, or will reality and the past rear it's ugly head and keep them apart?

This fic is complete and I will be posting every other day or two.

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ok, anyone listening...lol...

i finally finally posted my first chapter of my story: Just Don't Give Up On Me (under prettyboys369). but i am gonna post here as well, i guess, cuz i have no friends over there. how will i get to anyone? im such an idiot about all this, durr.

i am editing now, but 1st chap is done (as is the whole story, just going to post a new chap every other day or 2 as i get editing done, etc). hope someone is out there reading!! lol...

sooo, coming right up....my first j2 story!!! =}


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