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i know there are spiders 'everywhere'...and that technically means they are in my bedroom.

but this morning i saw one scurry under something as i got out of bed. so...i waited for it to come out...and i tried to enlist the cat in my endeavors b/c he loves insects and would enjoy playing with him til said spider was dead, but since the spider was hiding, there was nothing for the cat to look at or be intrigued by...and he just wandered away, probably to look for bugs.

finally, the spider comes out, and apparently i didnt spend my waiting time planning wisely, b/c i attempted to hit him with a broom and was unsuccessful. he just scurried under either a shirt or a towel or the laundry basket.

what? why were these things on the floor, you ask?

well...lets not get distracted by inconsequentials.

now, instead of 'knowing' there must be spiders in my room, i *know* specifically there is a certain spider in there. *he* now knows i am: 1. not good at choosing or wielding weapons against him 2. that i hate him. thus he hates me more than he originally did...

basically, short story long. there is a spider in my room. im afraid to go to bed. ever.


Feb. 2nd, 2011 10:01 am
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ok, i freely admit i am a dork and know next to nothing about posting 'under the cut' etc to make this all work for lj/fanfic. soooo, that being said can anyone help me so that i know how to add a link to my chapters to go to the next chapter? ugh. i dunno what to do. also, im pretty sure im doing this wrong in that i am posting to communities, but its not all linking back to this story, its like they are all posted separately? does that make sense?

why am i such a dork here?!


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