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master list of my fics!!!! (pdf/mobi files here as well for stories that will have them!)

here they are! )
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awww, thank you so much to [livejournal.com profile] rhondeez and [livejournal.com profile] locknkey for my v-gifts!!! *smooches* right back at you, lovelies!!! they soo made me smile and feel so warm and happy inside. its so nice to be part of such an awesome fandom, and you guys are the best!! =} much love!!!
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i know there are spiders 'everywhere'...and that technically means they are in my bedroom.

but this morning i saw one scurry under something as i got out of bed. so...i waited for it to come out...and i tried to enlist the cat in my endeavors b/c he loves insects and would enjoy playing with him til said spider was dead, but since the spider was hiding, there was nothing for the cat to look at or be intrigued by...and he just wandered away, probably to look for bugs.

finally, the spider comes out, and apparently i didnt spend my waiting time planning wisely, b/c i attempted to hit him with a broom and was unsuccessful. he just scurried under either a shirt or a towel or the laundry basket.

what? why were these things on the floor, you ask?

well...lets not get distracted by inconsequentials.

now, instead of 'knowing' there must be spiders in my room, i *know* specifically there is a certain spider in there. *he* now knows i am: 1. not good at choosing or wielding weapons against him 2. that i hate him. thus he hates me more than he originally did...

basically, short story long. there is a spider in my room. im afraid to go to bed. ever.
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Lust:Very High

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hey me!

Mar. 25th, 2010 05:56 am
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hey me! i say that cuz im pretty sure me is the only person listening when i type this shit. and if it wasnt just me, it would be after the first few words, cuz seriously? this is some pretty inane prattle. like i wouldnt listen to it if it wasnt comin out of my own head. blah blah blah....

sam:  dean, this is a very serious investigation. we dont have time for any of your blah blah blah blah...blah blah blah blah...blah...blah blah blah blah!
right, cuz thats how it happened. i dont sound like that dean.

dean:  its what you sound like to me.

haha...such funny lovable boys. and i do...love them, that is.

i also love my bestie, cuz...well, she is the bestie...and even more so since she informed me last night that she paid for us to go on a cruise in october!! what?!?! best bestie ever!!! woohooo!!! i could live on a cruise. wish i could live on a cruise. that would be awesome...unless i had to work. that would suck. i hate work.

ooo, glad the boys (sam and dean) have been speaking to me again. almost finished with my latest story. hopefully the last chapter, which will be nuthing but smut, sir, will come to me tonight when i sleep...mmmm!

listening to the night change into day again...its kinda neat. maybe im a closet vampire or something. guess i wont worry too much unless i start to crave blood...or crappy accents.

aight, me...i'll talk to you later. hope you dream about dean winchester....


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