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Title: Notes From Beneath an Old Tree
Rating: PG
Author: deansgirl369
Pairings: Jared/Jensen
Characters: Jensen, Jared, Tom Welling, Danneel Harris, Sandra McCoy
Spoilers: none
Word Count: ~5700 total
Summary: Jensen is the new kid at JFK High. He has never made friends easily. Will he spend his entire senior year alone?
Disclaimer: All these people belong to themselves. Except Jensen and Jared...they belong to each other. =}

This was written for my very BFF [livejournal.com profile] sams1obsession who bid on me and won my contribution to Help_Japan. She is so sweet and agreed to let me share this with everyone. Hope you enjoy, thanks for being so patient, as always!!! <3

Jensen noticed the edge of a yellow piece of paper sticking out from beneath the scatter of leaves before he was even seated under his new favorite tree. He almost didn’t even pick it up, thinking maybe it was just a piece of garbage but then realized he didn’t want any trash cluttering up his favorite spot on campus.

He pulled the paper out and glanced down at it. It was actually a post-it note.

Was all it said.

Jensen flipped it over, looking for some indication that it was meant for someone specific, and then dismissed the idea that it was left here on purpose because it made no sense. Must have been dropped by someone walking close by. He wished it were intended for him, because so far he had no friends at his new high school. He is the ‘new kid’ at a rich school, senior year, and it doesn’t help any that he was quiet and shy and had never made new friends easily. But it would be fine. He just had to make it through this last year of high school and then he can get on to his real life.

He dismissed the note from his thoughts and opened his novel to the bookmarked page and settled in to read.

Jared watched with breath held. He had agonized over what to write, and was glad no one knew that, since after all his agonizing he came up with one word. How lame is he? But, the moment he had seen the new kid, Jensen, his heart had raced, he had broken out in a cold sweat, and like he was now, he had held his breath until his chest started to ache and his head hurt.

The new guy was beautiful. No. Beautiful didn’t cut it. He was gorgeous. Beautiful and hot…gorgeous, yeah. No. that wasn’t right either, that still sounded too ordinary. He was…perfect. That was it. Jensen was perfect, and Jared had immediately wanted to know him. Not just because he was so physically beautiful, but because he felt…something.

Jared had accepted that he was probably gay a few years ago, but had never acted on it. Hell, for all that he was a popular guy, everyone liked being around him, he was fun and funny and loud and made everything more fun, he hadn’t really dated much, even back when he hadn’t been sure if he was into girls or guys. No one had ever fit him right. He never felt that pull to be with someone enough to go through all the trouble of dating.

Watching Jensen read should get boring after a while, but this had to be Jared’s fifth day and he still found himself fascinated as light reflected off Jensen’s light brown hair and he intermittently tugged that full lower lip into his mouth, biting it, licking it and releasing it. Unconscious of his actions, still it was the most sensual thing Jared had ever seen.

The second note was waiting for him the next afternoon and Jensen settled against the tree and glanced around the courtyard before reading it this time. He now wondered if these notes are meant for him and his curiosity is peaked as he contemplated who it could be leaving them. No one seemed to be paying him any attention, though the really tall guy from his Chemistry class catches his eye as he looks around just because he always does. Jensen thinks he’s stupidly beautiful and wishes he could even talk to him. But that’s a pipe dream, as his mom would say, because Jared never goes anywhere without a crowd of girls all clamoring for his attention, which he seems to give with abandon. Like now, as Jensen sighed silently to himself, Jared tipped his head toward one of them and smiled that painfully bright smile, complete with dimples and damned if sunshine doesn’t come from within him.

Jensen dragged his eyes away, making sure no one is watching that might be the note leaver, but gave up when, as usual he realizes that no one here is paying him any attention whatsoever.

Reading it several times, interspersed with more glances around, Jensen contained his grin and just let his heart smile inside as he tucked the note into the side pocket of his messenger bag and opened his book to read.
No matter who was sending the notes, it makes him happy to know someone cares enough to say hello. He feels special for a sparkling moment.

Jared has been filling out what feels like a million college applications, and is still unsure where he even wants to go to school. He finishes and leans back in his chair. His eye catches on the post it notepad on his desk and he thinks of Jensen. He felt a little thrill when Jensen read his second note and seemed to carefully place it in his backpack. For a moment he felt connected to Jensen and it made him want to hug the other boy tight. He thought about what he wanted to say next. He knew it was a pointless endeavor, because Jensen was surely straight and wouldn’t be interested if he weren’t, but hey, a guy can dream, right? And even if nothing else, he could make a friend. The unexplainable feeling of connection and pull he felt toward Jensen wasn’t something he was going to throw away until he knew his interest wasn’t wanted.

Jensen found himself scanning the area around ‘his tree’ as he got close, hoping there was a note waiting. The idea that there might be yet again made him smile several times today, and he is afraid to get his hopes up, but apparently can’t help it. He saw the edge of the paper and forced himself to sit down and drop his bag before picking up the post it, afraid to look too eager in case anyone is watching.

Unable to contain his small smile this time, Jensen looked around the courtyard again, hoping that the note writer would identify him or herself. But no, no one is looking his way, and everyone around seems to be involved in a conversation or is just passing through on their way to the parking lot or wherever after school takes them. He put the note into his messenger bag with the other two as he wonders if it is a girl or a guy that is making covert attempts at befriending him. Mentally shrugging for the time being, he opens his book as he does every afternoon and loses himself in the words printed there.

Sure that this last note brought a smile to Jensen’s face, Jared turned from his semi hiding spot and headed for his car. There is a spring in his step that isn’t completely explainable by the fact that the school day is over and tomorrow is Friday.

Taking out all three notes, Jensen lays them on his bed. He wonders again if they are being written by a boy or a girl. He would prefer it be a boy, but he isn’t picky. He wants to get to know someone, make a friend, if nothing more. He’s mostly just more than a little thrilled that someone is going out of their way to befriend him. The handwriting is nice, but looks more like a guy’s writing to him. And that isn’t just wishful thinking, he’s pretty sure.

Smiling full force now that no one is here to see him and think he is an idiot for grinning while sitting all alone, he pulled out his own post it notes and a pen. He tapped the pen against his bottom lip and his eyes focused on nothing as he thought about what he wanted to say.

When he leaned to put the newest note under the leaves at the tree, Jared’s breath caught as he noticed there was already a piece of yellow paper there. He knew Jensen took his last note, so this had to be something else. He did a quick scan around to be sure no one was watching but there is no one in the quad as he picked it up and slipped it into his pocket and replaced it with his own new note.

He casually pulled the paper from his jeans pocket as he headed into the Art building for his next class and secretly read the words printed there in a neat, small script.

Jared felt a flutter in his stomach and smoothed out the paper before placing it in his Calculus book for safekeeping. He couldn’t wait until he saw Jensen in class and then watched him under his tree again. Jared was quickly becoming dependent on the feeling just seeing Jensen gave him.

Two notes awaited him this afternoon and Jensen smiled, hand covering his face to avoid looking stupid.

Jensen smiled and swept the area with his usual cursory glance, and stopped on Jared chatting up several girls, also the usual. He was so pretty. Jensen sighed silently and wished he had the nerve to at least strike up a conversation with the popular boy. But no. Still, his new ‘friend’ was making him feel pretty awesome and he was definitely enjoying their burgeoning friendship. As he took out his book, a boy passed by and caught his eye, smiling a white toothed grin and calling out a friendly ‘hi’. He was tall, probably as tall as Jared, and quite gorgeous.

Jensen was pretty sure he just looked surprised and stupid until long after the other boy had passed by. No wonder he had no friends, let alone dates. Ugh. He slumped back into the tree trunk and buried his flushed face in his book.


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